These People Stopped Buying New Clothes — Here Is Why

These People Stopped Buying New Clothes — Here Is Why

I won’t lie. Last week I bought a brand new denim jacket, a new t-shirt, and a sweater.

Why new clothes are bad for the environment

How many times have you bought a new outfit, worn it once — and then never worn it ever again?

Meet the people who (almost) stopped buying new clothes

Lauren Cowdery is one of many people who are now cutting out new clothes in order to do their bit for the welfare of our planet. A self-confessed “shopaholic,” Cowdery found it hard to stop stocking her wardrobe with new outfits but knows she’s doing the right thing.

How to make the switch

Give your wardrobe a little bit of a Marie Kondo shake-up

Separate your clothes into three piles: “keep,” “ditch,” and “maybe.” You will probably find out you have more clothes than you think!

Choose second-hand

Buy clothes in thrift stores and flea markets. If you don’t have a lot of thrifting options where you live, you may want to try online thrift stores, or again, swaps and garage sales.

Remember it’s ok to buy new clothes some of the time

Just like meat-eaters don’t have to go full-vegetarian to save the planet (sticking to a vegetarian diet 3 days a week is cool), you don’t have to totally forgo new clothes. They’re not the devil just yet.

Invest in versatile and timeless pieces

Remember that jacket that you would definitely bring to a deserted island? That is what we’re talking about. If you shop, shop for high-quality, versatile pieces that can be combined with the rest of your wardrobe nicely and would last for ages.

Raise awareness and support local and sustainable fashion brands

You have the last say in where your dollar goes, and it makes perfect sense to support sustainable fashion brands that share the values you stand for. Your consumer behavior can affect the fashion world and change it for the better.

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