While grand gestures are really cool, it’s often the little things you do when no one’s looking that go a long, long way to restoring our planet’s health.

So let’s take a look at 21 ways to help the planet in 2021.

#1. Start a compost heap

Is 2021 going to be the year you finally start a compost heap?

A compost heap limits the need for chemical fertilizers, reduces landfill waste and it helps you recycle your waste.

You can even start composting in your apartment: take a look at our guide!

#2. Make laundry time more efficient

Did you know that washing machines use a LOT of energy?


Confused about climate change? Many people are. Are humans to blame? Is nature to blame? Where did it even come from?

Moreover, is it even real?

For many in 2021, these are super important questions to be asking as climate change is (finally, some would say) well and truly on the agenda. The problem is that finding answers isn’t easy. Your neighbor says one thing, and your friend says another. Government A says this, and Government B says that.

So how do we cut through the noise?

In this article, we are going to get to the point by uncovering…

While many of us associate spring with seeing friends, eating out, taking holidays, sitting in beer gardens, and generally enjoying the great outdoors, the coronavirus pandemic means we might not be able to do all of our favorite things.

The good news is that you can still enjoy a sustainable picnic under a bright blue sky with your (socially distanced) friends.

In fact, International Picnic Day is a thing, and the day reminded me how glorious a picnic can be no matter what’s happening in the world. Picnics are all about friends, family, good times, good weather, and good food…

Got the munchies for some fast food but don’t eat meat? Or maybe you doeat meat but want to try a healthier option for a change. This is where, for many of us, vegan fast food comes in.

We’ve all seen the pics on Instagram that make us drool. Like this:

Looking to take control of your health? Want to be more ethical with the choices you make regarding food? Want to learn more about the food industry in general?

One of the things that helped me improve my diet and my overall outlook towards food, sustainability, and the food industry was learning. I read books and watched movies/documentaries that opened my eyes towards what healthy and ethical eating is really all about — as well as how governments try to coerce the masses into making all the wrong choices.

In this article, I want to share with you 8 movies…

Let’s face it: air conditioning can be a life saver, especially for those who live in climates that get extremely hot or cold. However, it uses an immense amount of energy that is not only bad for the environment but for your wallet.

People have started coming up with innovative living solutions to combat climate change such as earthships and urban homesteading, but have you heard of a passive house? A passive house uses innovative construction and technology to not only keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but lower your electric bill.

What is a passive house?

A passive house is a structure which…

We’ve all heard of yoga, cycling, and crossfit, and we all know they’re fantastic ways of getting fit.

And don’t get us wrong — they really work for some people. But there are numerous but effective fitness practices that often don’t get talked about!

In celebration of NatureHub’s February fitness and wellness focus, we’ve put together 5 underrated but super effective fitness practices for anyone who’s bored of HIIT and yoga and wants to try something new and different at home.

So let’s take a look and see if we can help you level up your 2021 fitness game!



Here is the thing with conscious consumption — not only does it benefit the planet, your health, and your wallet; it also helps you to develop a whole new way of thinking that fosters empathy, understanding, and ultimately, growth. ⁠

Today, we’ve collected our best resources to help you start shopping more consciously and sustainably.

#1: Why should I shop consciously?

A conscious consumer is someone who looks beyond the label as they seek to learn more about the company they’re buying their goods from, as well as the things they’re buying. Where did the materials come from? Who made these goods? …

Now that gyms are closed across most of America for the foreseeable future (and around the world), more and more people have been looking for different ways to get fit.

One of the most popular is via a YouTube workout, and for a reason: not only don’t you need to leave your own home; it is also free.

But how effective are YouTube workouts? Can they help you get fit?

As part of NatureHub’s Fitness and Wellness February focus, we take a look.

🧘🏽 Pros of a YouTube workout

They’re convenient (and ideal for lockdown!)

One of the most obvious advantages of a YouTube workout is that you can perform it from…

If 2020 has sidetracked your healthy routine, worry not: it’s a perfect time to start afresh! Join us as we take a look at how you can start these 6 simple habits for healthy and eco-friendly living, well, ASAP.

🍒 #1: Mind what you’re eating

Pizza tastes good. Burgers taste good. But they won’t help you in the long-term.

Healthy eating is pretty important for physical and mental well-being: it can help you lose weight (if that’s your goal) and it can improve your overall health and help you get fitter, which is super important right now.

👉 Learn how

🍱 #2: Learn to meal prep

Meal planning can be one of the best ways…

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